Tiny Songs



Category: Music Released: Feb 06, 2012 Version: 1.0






Tiny Songs

There is a start for everything.
With this app you can playfully train the use of sounds and notes, and compose your own melodies.




It is indeed focused on children. However, adults who never had a proper music education will be provided an open door to the wonderful world of music making, too.

The app was intentionally kept simple, it comprises only of an octave and a half, and it provides no clef or beat adjustment. The sound-drops can contain either a smiley or the respective note itself. Their colors become darker with decreasing tone-pitch.

The length of a song is not limited. You can add as many pages as you like. Navigate between them with the arrow-buttons.

The button with three rings plays the entire song, the one with two rings plays only the current page.

The folder button opens the preferences window where you can name a song, select an instrument, or create a new empty canvas. When your song is finished it can be stored as pages of a songbook.

Have fun!