Category: Games Released: Feb 18, 2011 Version: 1.0






Paper - Rock - Scissors

The rules are as simple as this:

Stone crushes scissors
Scissors cut paper
Paper wraps stone




Play the classic game against your iDevice. You can set either random behavior for the iDevice's throws, or let it use strategy. Simply tap one of the three small icons to throw your choice. As soon as you tap, the iDevice's selection is displayed next to your choice. The winner of the throw is awarded two points, if a draw is thrown, each player receives one point. The player who reaches 21 points first wins the set.

Did you ever try to throw randomly? Well, here is an opponent who does. It is going to be an interesting experience for those who are usually good in predicting their partners next throw.

To add a little bit of stress you can choose a timer mode, where the iDevice plays with strategy and you throw your choice on the count of three. For additional help the iDevices last throw remains displayed on the right hand side. The next game automatically starts after two seconds.

Have fun!