Magical Brush



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Magical Brush

First of all with MagicalBrush you can simply create a painting. It provides different brushes, transparency and shadows. To start with, an empty canvas or a photo can be loaded.

However, the magical brushes and the auto color palette allow to generate much more fascinating forms and shapes. This coincidence of creating and letting happen provides the fascinating charm of these images.





The app starts in the paint view. From here you can proceed to the brush view and the photo view.


Brushes and colors are edited in the brush view. You can choose among six brush sets containing six brushes each.
The photo view provides everything you need to load photos, vary brightness, saturation and coloration of the photos loaded. Photos can be used both as background or auto color palette.


If the automatic color selection is activated, the colors are chosen from the photo that was loaded into the auto color palette. At the start of the app a default photo is already loaded. Feel free to change that photo into one that consists of the colors you like. Simply choose one from your photo book when you are in the photo view and click at the button "use at color pad". If you want more control over your painting, switch off the automatic color selection and get the desired colors from the color palette in the brush view.


MacicalBrush is an app that is always fascinating again. Painting with it means discovery, linger, dive into the colors and forms, or being carried away into the realm of new image worlds. Or simply have fun.