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Grey Fairy

The Gray Fairy is an interactive fairytale. Read or tell the story to your child, then it can colorize the butterflies and catch the color drops to give the fairy some color, too.
Children between 4 and 8 years old will certainly have fun with this app, especially when they can submit a drawn wish to the fairy. These wishes will come true, they only must believe in fairies….







No one knew why but
the little fairy had no colors.
She was all grey.
But because she was such a
friendly being, everybody liked
to be with her.
She actually did not even
realize she was grey.
One day she came
to the butterfly meadow.
The butterflies
flew around her,
and a very nice
one said :
"Oh you are so grey!"
The little fairy looked at herself
and saw this was true.
She was very sad.

She looked at the butterflies,
and now she became angry.
And with a swish and flick
of her fairy wand they all
lost their dazzling colors.
However, in the next
moment the fairy
was already sorry
and she ran away to hide.
Can you help her to restore
the butterflies' colors?